Most school classes have repeat names on their register. But what do you do when a clutch of boys called Daniel , enrol the same year?  One of them is bound to end being called Danny Boy. Poor lad. 

So, anyway, I meet this handsome chap on the Internet and I have a dilemma. My late father in law , Jack , was an amateur horologist and loved his knitwear. This bear is called Jack. Well,  Jack Half Hunter to be precise. He’s only a little bear you see. 

Scrumpy Jack hasn’t met him yet but I’m sure they will get along just fine, comparing waistcoats, reminiscing : they might even have a little sing song together. Mind you, I’m not sure ‘Danny Boy’ is one of Srumpy’s favourites, he’s more of a rowdy drinking songs bear, if you get my drift. I’ve had a few complaints from the neighbours, so hoping the nights will get toned down a bit, unless it transpires Jack Half Hunter is into prog rock.