Rachel and her toys.

Growing up in the sixties was great. I played marbles on drain covers and fed the horse that delivered the milk. There wasn’t a lot of money to spare so I cherished the toys I had and as an adult I am transported back to childhood just by looking at them.

Creating portraits of special toys is what I love to do and I want to share my joy with as many people as I can.

New Year & New Projects

Time to think about sharpening my pencils and getting back to the drawing board!  But first there is still some Stilton left and enough Vintage Port for another glass or two....... Meanwhile I'm enjoying the memories of my two most favourite toys who went...

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Here’s Donald!

Almost time to clamber into the attic and dig out the decorations. Love it!  Meanwhile the drawing continues , and here's how.....      ...

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Very small toys

Here is my dolls house.....made this a few years ago now. I did lots of research and decided to create an Edwardian Emporium. I have a cast of characters and and love to make up stories.  Today, Edgar is contemplating the toy orders he must get ready for...

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Remember writing to Santa asking for that particular toy you really, really wanted? Christmas is the time when we love to give and receive special gifts.If you know someone who loved a toy for years, imagine how a carefully crafted drawing will bring back so many...

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Christmas Magic

Remember writing to Santa asking for that toy  you really, really want or trying to guess what is under the Christmas tree ?  A cherished toy can bring back all those magical memories. But what happens when an old toy is too fragile to hold anymore or just...

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Spot the duck

As I was putting things back on shelves or in the bin (😊) I  got distracted by a family album and discovered this........  #cutebabyphoto  ...

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Seasonal Aisle

In B&Q buying yet more paint , I noticed the stacks of boxes full of Christmas lights about to be unpacked. So it must be time to start thinking about gifts for those very special people in our lives.  If you are looking for a genuinely unusual gift, visit...

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