Rachel and her toys.

Growing up in the sixties was great. I played marbles on drain covers and fed the horse that delivered the milk; I sang along to the Beatles and had a crush on Mike Nesmith from the Monkees!

There wasn’t a lot of money to spare so I cherished the toys I had and I still adore those toys.  Just picking up my rabbit, Benjamina takes me right back back to childhood.  Toys do that.

ToyPinx has come about because of this passion I have for treasured toys.  Some of my toys are so fragile they can’t be handled much anymore.  Two of my most precious toys have been repaired so many times that they have morphed into unique and as yet unclassified creatures.

As an adult I have continued to discover the magic of toys by building and decorating dolls houses, one of which is a “Nursery Emporium”,  that is, an Edwardian Toy Shop!  Toys are definitely my favourite things.

Holding my old teddy brings happiness and to spend hours drawing him is true joy.

I want to share that joy with as many people as I can.

May Day

There is a lovely village near the River Hamble where friends, families, the young and old gather together to celebrate the beginning of May. No evidence of a Maypole but plenty of fabulous motorbikes to weave inbetween.  Is there a connection between toys and... read more


I’m sharing a visual progress report and a bit of family history.  Minnie, on the left, wearing a delicious pink and white crimplene top accessorised with ribbons was always a ‘he’. Always.  Winnie on the other hand was a ‘he’... read more

Behind the Scenes

Well, hello 2017!  Things have changed a bit since I last wrote….but not in the ToyPinx studio I’m pleased to say. The aim is the same:  bring joy! And we could all do with some of that right now.  Sometimes though, the process of creation... read more

Mastering a new skill

I have discovered a new app called Splice. This means I can spend hours trying to figure out how to edit videos and add music too.  My first attempt is out there on ToyPinx Instagram ….not toys but bubbles!  ... read more

Some things stay the same…..

So I pop out for a few days holiday and come back to find the two major UK political parties in disarray, Europe shaken up like snow globe and , well, I don’t need to comment on the weather……….. In the ToyPinx studio the aim stays the same;... read more

To bare or not to bare

With apologies to #theBard but whether it is nobler to wear knitted pants for a portrait or to go commando is a question I have had to ponder.  I received a letter from the subject of my latest commission ; some bears are perfectly capable of writing extremely... read more

Filling in the carpet

I ate all the liquorice allsorts as I rearranged my colouring pencils, three times.  I think all this preparation has paid off: the pub carpet is beginning to look very... read more

Making plans….

“Life happens when you are busy making plans” written by John Lennon I believe. So, lots of Life stuff going on…..its a challenge to keep focused. More studio time and liquorice allsorts... read more

Taking a breather….

After almost a year of planning , persuasion and graft it’s so rewarding to admire results!  I’m very proud of my learners who were willing to try something totally out of their comfort zone . It was all worth it.  Just going to put my feet up... read more

Last orders please……

A most excellent craft fair last Saturday ….networking and having fun. Now it’s time to crack on with a new project. This one is all about what may happen if you don’t keep an eye on your teddy bear.    Scrumpy Jack has ended up on the... read more