Well, hello 2017! 

Things have changed a bit since I last wrote….but not in the ToyPinx studio I’m pleased to say. The aim is the same:  bring joy! And we could all do with some of that right now. 

Sometimes though, the process of creation is far from joyous! Many assume that creativity just flows out. Turn on the ‘art ‘ tap and lovely happy rainbow things appear. Just like that! Reality check, right here! It can be a mighty slog to get to the final image: 

research and trial and error and trying not to count the rejects in the rubbish bin all included.

After quite a bit of deliberation I chose to reproduce a patchwork quilt for my latest subject, “Raggedy Peter”.  When I say reproduce, I mean I’m inventing one.

My inspiration is my love of textures , textiles and the artist Paul Klee.  It’s going to take patience and a fine brush to achieve my vision, fortunately I love a challenge. Even when it’s so cold I  need fingerless gloves! 

Enjoy my snapshots…..